Polypodium californicum

California Polypody

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This attractive small fern will form large colonies in suitable situations. The fronds die down in late summer and reappear with the rains. Since it needs dry summer conditions it is best grown in container or shaded rock garden.

Common name: California Polypody
Exposure: Partial shade
Water: No summer water
Form: Deciduous fern
Height: 10 inches
Habitat: Rocky soil in mixed evergreen forest
Deer Resistant


Mike Luther

The Santa Cruz County California Native Plant Society dedicates the Spring 2021 Plant Sale in memory of Mike Luther, longtime plant propagation team leader extraordinaire. Many of the plants in this sale are the last Mike shepherded for our Chapter. Enjoy them with his good wishes. 

Mike working in our propagation area

Suncrest Nurseries

Santa Cruz County CNPS gratefully thanks Suncrest Nurseries for their continued hosting of our propagation endeavors. Suncrest generously provides nursery space and materials, allowing us to bring more of CA’s native flora to your gardens.

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