Habitat Restoration Team

We are a volunteer group working to restore native habitat in the parks and protected lands in Santa Cruz County. Our program provides an opportunity for people to learn about the natural systems that surround them while helping to restore special and wild places. No prior work experience is necessary, just show up at the park. We welcome individual volunteers from 8 to 80 years, as well as special group projects. Wear comfortable layered clothing, bring something to drink, and lots of enthusiasm! We work rain or shine, but if things get particularly unpleasant, we call it a day. Tools provided; bring gloves.

Contact: Program Leader, Linda Brodman 831.462.4041,
Chapter web site: www.cruzcnps.org
State web site: www.cnps.org

FUTURE PROJECTS: Mark your calendars!


FUTURE PROJECTS: Summer time is here, and volunteer restoration work slows down a little. I will try to have a couple of projects during the summer months, but have not set any further dates. I will post dates to our web site, now and then, or give me a call or email.
Have a wonderful summer. ~Linda

Sand Hill Bluff 8-6-2016

Habitat Restoration Team - Sand Hill Bluff August 6, 2016

Sand Hill Bluff 8-6-2016

Habitat Restoration Team - Sand Hill Bluff August 6, 2016

Abronia umbellata

Abronia umbellata
Pink Sand Verbena cascading at Natural Bridges

Mimulus moschatus

Mimulus moschatus
Rancho del Oso


Poa douglasii
Native Dune Bluegrass


Volunteers at Natural Bridges Battling Iceplant.
You too can join our team!


Girl Scouts do the Ammophila Caterpillar Pull at Sunset Beach.
Have fun and help nature too!
We take school, community, and business groups out, so give us a call.

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...And we thank the Girl Scouts and all the other Organizations that have helped CNPS
with our Habitat Restoration Program

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