California Native Plant Society
Santa Cruz County Chapter

General Meeting
Monday May 9
Keying Club 5:00 pm
Mystery Plant ID 7:00 pm
Presentation 7:30 pm

UCSC Arboretum Horticulture Building
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz


Does the Endangered Species Act
Help Recover Listed Plant Species?

Connie Rutherford
Listing and Recovery Coordinator
for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The federal ESA is one of our premier environmental laws, but are our plants any better off? Using examples of listed plant species from Central Coast counties, Connie will talk about some of the progress that has been made, as well as the setbacks that have been encountered along the way, in furthering conservation and recovery efforts.

Connie Rutherford is Listing and Recovery Coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Ventura-based office. She is an alumna of UC Santa Cruz and Humboldt State University, and spent several adventurous years in the field in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Haiti, and the Mojave Desert before settling down in Ventura to a real job and family life. Early in her career, she worked to put a lot of plant species ON the list of endangered species; now she works to get them OFF.

Plants she may be discussing include:
Holocarpha macradenia (Santa Cruz Tarplant)
Hesperocyparis abramsiana (Santa Cruz Cypress)
Erysimum teretifolium (Santa Cruz Wallflower)
Chorizanthe pungens var. pungens (Monterey Spineflower),
and var. hartwegiana (Ben Lomond Spineflower)
Chorizanthe robusta (Robust Spineflower)

Rutherford - Nipomo lupine seed collecting

Rutherford - Nipomo lupine seed collecting
Holocarpha macradenia,
photo by Linda Brodman
Holocarpha macradenia