California Native Plant Society
Santa Cruz County Chapter

General Meeting
Monday Janurary 11
Keying Club 5:00 pm
Mystery Plant ID 7:00 pm
Presentation 7:30 pm

UCSC Arboretum Horticulture Building
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz


Ken Kellman
Introducing Bryophytes-the other land plants

Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, and hornworts) represent a completely different solution to the evolutionary problem of living on land. They lack the complex vascular system that has made the so called "taller plants" so successful, but they have evolved complex solutions that will surprise you. Ken Kellman will show us how to recognize this important group of plants with a short presentation, and then we spend the rest of the evening looking closely at many common bryophytes from the central coast. Please contact Ken at if you can bring a dissecting microscope with a light so it is easier for everyone to get a good look at these beautiful and tiny plants.

For the first tme, our keying session at 5:00 PM will be working on bryophytes!

Ken has made two simple keys to some common bay area moss, liverwort and hornwort genera for us to work with. He will guide us through each couplet, and we will key out as many of the samples as we have time for (till about 7 PM).

Ken Kellman met his first bryophyte in 1995 during a vascular plant survey of Quail Hollow Ranch in Santa Cruz County. It did not take him long to abandon normal botanizing in pursuit of these tiny plants. Ken has published A Catalog of the Mosses of Santa Cruz County, and is now collecting for a similar project in Monterey and San Mateo counties. His explorations have revealed several species new to science, and many more new to the central coast and the state. Ken is an instructor at the Jepson Herbarium weekend workshops in Bryology.